With Manchester About To Go Into Tier 3 Lockdown, Are Beauty Salons And Hairdressers Allowed To Stay Open?

After a 10 day standoff with Downing Street, Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham, may finally be forced into a Tier 3 lockdown for his city.

Tier 3 lockdown’s are subject to the harshest restrictions, with a ban on households mixing and what businesses can stay open a matter of consultation between Government and local authorities. 

Given the latest news it seems that hairdressers and beauty salons don’t automatically have to close in coronavirus hotspots despite other businesses being hit by restrictions.

While hairdressers and beauty salons aren’t expected to close under Tier 3, the aftermath could still be devastating for businesses as the rules of the lockdown will cause footfall to continue to decline, leaving many business struggling to pay rent.

The reason for the lack of a crackdown on the beauty industry is likely due to government ministers stating that measures have been targeted at hospitality venues as supposed evidence shows they are responsible for a third of outbreaks – although some economists have said the evidence for such a claim is weak.

The rules per tier:

Tier 1 – Medium risk

Follow the rule of six if meeting indoors or outdoors

Pubs and restaurants to shut at 10 pm

Tier 2 – High risk

No household mixing indoors or outdoors but rule of six will still apply outdoors

Pubs and restaurants shut at 10 pm

Tier 3 – Very high risk

No household mixing indoors, outdoors or in hospitality venues

Pubs and bars not serving meals will be shut

Guidance against travelling in and out of the area.

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