Kiehls Introduce Their Greenest Ever Holiday Campaign

Get ready to feel VERY festive because Kiehls have launched their Christmas collection today with limited edition designs created in collaboration with the Lyon-based illustrator, Maite Franchi.

And it’s all Inspired by the original apothecary located on the corner of 13rd & 3rd in New York city.

On this years advent calender, Franchi pays homage to Kiehl’s first ever New York City storefront with an array of beautifully illustarted scenes including; downtown neighbours wrapping gifts, dancing, taking selfies on the iconic Kiehl’s motorcycle and coming together as a community.

This years Kiehls Advent Calendar

In addition to the festive and vibrant designs, Kiehls made sure to make this year’s collection it’s greenest ever with focus on less waste and sustainability with fully recyclable gift boxes.

What’s more, the advent calendar, is made with zero plastics and 100% previously
recycled paper – a huge win for the sustainability concious brand!

The Kiehl’s x Maïté Franchi Collection

Jeff Koons, Mickey (yes as in the mouse), KAWS, Kenny Scharf, Peter Max, Jeremyville, Kate Moross, Janine Rewell – what do they all have in common?

That’s right, you guessed it, they have all partnered with Kiehls to create beautiful holiday collections. Now the torch has been passed to Maïté Franchi who is carrying the tradition on.

Franchi, is a Lyon-based illustrator specializing in graphic design. She is heavily inspired by Art Deco and this year she brings warmth and richness to the world of Kiehls using geometric shapes, vibrant colours and subtle textures.

Take a look at some of my favourites products from the collection designed by Franchi:

Midnight Recovery Concentrate – The cult classic oil that’s filled to the brim with lavender, primrose oil and squalene is a must-have. Not only is the formula vegan but it’s one of the most loved skincare oils around. And I have to agree, every time I use it my skin is glowing by morning.

This limited edition packaging is one of my favourite of this range, I kinda wish it looked like this always.

You can’t talk about Kiehls and not mention Ultra Facial Cream. It’s what their known for and one of the first creams I ever used.

They reformulated it last year and made it even better. It’s the perfect balance of hydrating and lightweight. It goes with any skin type and deeply nourishes skin – how could you not want this in your skincare kit?

This is Kiehls #1 global selling serum. Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution quite literally kicks darkness and discoloration to the curb because it has vitamin C in it. So, if your hyperpigmentation is caused by melanin, you HAVE to try this.

Vitamin C is great at stopping melanin production and along with the white birch, and peony extracts found in this formula, will help to clarify and brighten all skin types for a more even-toned and hydrated appearance.

Would you believe me when I say this toner has been around since the 60s? I’m not one to use old school skincare but the staying power of Kiehls is pretty incredible. It’s such a modern formula, I would have guess this was developed in the last five years!

Toners in general are pretty underrated and if you can splash out on an extensive routine then I would suggest going down the toner route because they help all of your other skincare work better. It’s really that simple. This is an alcohol-free toner formula contains
handpicked Calendula flower petals and great burdock root extract to gently cleanse and rejuvenate all skin types.

Check out all of the limited edition products here.

Photos courtesy of Kiehls

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