The Kiehls Autumn Sale Is Here

You can now officially get a Kiehls product half price with the code ‘power duo’ when you buy any other product.

It’s quite literally the perfect time to stock up on your faves, try something new or just treat yourself before the festive season fully takes over.

The sale starts today and ends on the 12th October 2020, so be quick!

In honour of the sale, I wanted to share some the Kiehls products I’ve tried (and loved), just in case you needed a little inspiration.

First up is the last thing I reviewed, the Daily Refining Milk Peel. This has been my go-to toner since I got my hands on it because it’s gentle yet effective. The perfect contradiction. It’s a great introduction into chemical exfoliation for those of you who have sensitive skin or tend to breakout a lot.

Next up is the Ginger Leaf and Hibiscus Firming Mask because I’ve been using this a lot the past few days, as the temperature has been deceasing, my skin has become excessively dry and this has helped a tonne. The texture is super refreshing and it smells like a dessert (albeit a fruity one). It’s the perfect addition to a winter skincare routine.

For the eyes I actually have three (literally all of them) Kiehls eye creams that I pretty much use exclusively for different under eye issues and the first one is the one they launched the most recently, the Powerful Strength Line Reducing and Dark Circle Diminishing Vitamin C Eye Serum (don’t you just love the descriptive names). I can’t argue with the name, it literally does as it says with the vitamin C working to reduce dark circles, which is especially great if you have a darker complexion where melanin may be the cause of your dark circles.

Lastly, (I’m not gonna do too many because I hate being overwhelmed with choice, so I’m trying not to do that to you!), we have the Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil. As you can see from the mini review above this is a great oil for sensitive skin, that is prone to breakouts. The green oregano oil found in it has great antimicrobial properties and the sativa seed oil soothes at the same time. It’s an amazing hydrating oil for those of you suffering from any kind of post breakout inflammation.

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