Dermalogica First To Bring Back Influencer Events

Dermalogica is one of the first beauty brands to host an in-person event in the COVID-19 era with “Dermalogica Drive-In: Masque and Movie” which will be hosted in Los Angeles to celebrate the launch of their new Hydro Masque Exfoliant. 

The reason for the move is simple.

Dermalogica realised, after conversations with influencers, that the distant feel of a zoom launch meant that in-person events were missed greatly.

Safety precautions

To do this safety had to be at the forefront of the Dermalogica’s mind and so early on in the planning process they partnered with an epidemiologist to learn how to protect Professional Skin Therapists and Clients.

For the event, they worked with an outside safety compliance company to ensure all attendees and staff were safe, following safety protocols including pre-event COVID-19 testing and day-of safety logistics.

This will no doubt be useful for other brands who are keen to bring real life events back.

Kameo, a company that specialises in COVID-19 safety and testing solutions, will be providing COVID-19 testing prior to the event.  

A sanitation vendor will be disinfecting each space throughout the event, ensuring a safe and comfortable experience.

Allee Goldberg, Influencer Communications Manager at Dermalogica, said, “While our team will continue iterating in-person event concepts, we won’t get back to a pre-pandemic cadence just yet. We do plan to integrate in-person experiences into a consistent schedule of digital events, and while digital events may have started out of the necessity of ‘stay-at-home,’ they have opened an opportunity to reach more people, regardless of geographical location. We are working hard to make those digital events just as immersive of an experience. “

There may be a lot of inconsitency going on at the moment but one thing we can clearly see is that Demalogica remains, not only relevant but on the forefront of innovation after 30 years in business. 

Photos via Dermalogica

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