Mario Dedivanovic, Kim Kardashian’s Make-Up Artist, Launches His Own Beauty Brand

Mario Dedivanovic is a 36 year old pro make-up artist who has worked with everyone from Jennifer Lopez, and Kate Bosworth to Ariana Grande and of course Kim Kardashian.

Now, 11 months after he teamed up with Kim on the launch of a KKW Beauty palette collaboration, he is launching is own brand Makeup By Mario.

The first range of products from the line, which will be released on October 1 but you can sign up to the website by clicking on the button below.

In an online launch event he told his followers he had been working on the brand for the last three years because he wanted to manage almost every aspect of its creation personally.

With Makeup By Mario, I’ve taken my signature techniques and transformed them into accessible pro products inspired by the ones I’ve loved and used throughout my career,’ Mario said.

Over on the brands already well formed Instagram page you can watch Mario give his always sold out masterclasses in the comfort of your own home.

His new beauty brand also coincides with his 20th year working as a makeup artist, and the cosmetics guru.

‘My greatest hope is that this collection inspires play and experimentation — that each product enhances your artistry, elevates your application, and evolves your technique.’

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