Monat Launches Into Wellness Category

The über successful breakout brand of this year Monat has released a range of powders, mixes and supplements focused around energy, digestion, beauty and sleep.

For skin, hair and nails, Monat created Collagen Key, a vegan collagen-building support product in powder form that is formulated to fit with the company’s ingredient philosophy, which is that they do not use animal based ingredients.

This means the brand doesn’t actually use collagen, and instead created a vegan amino acid blend of; vitamin C, biotin, methionine and bamboo.

Additional SKUs that benefit skin include a drink mix called Monat Total Greens, billed as a superfood boost with a full spectrum of antioxidant-rich fruit and vegetable powders and dietary fiber to support energy, immune health and glowing skin, and Balance, a pre- and pro-biotic supplement that has dual-layer capsule technology and supports healthy digestion, immune and skin health.

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