Makeup Revolution Is Launching ‘Friends’ Themed Makeup Line

And you can get an eye shadow palette for $12/£8.

You can now literally be your favourite Friends cast member because Revolution Beauty dropped its Revolution X Friends collection online and at Ulta Beauty on Monday. Just a tip, buy it fast if you want it because it’s already pretty much sold out!

The eye-shadow palettes

The eye-shadow palettes are named after the show’s three female leads: Phoebe Buffay, Monica Geller, and Rachel Green.

The Phoebe palette

The shades in Phoebe’s palette include: Smelly Cat, Lobster and Science Boy.

The Rachel palette

A light-golden shade called “On A Break” is named for one of the show’s most controversial plotlines, while a shade called “Push Over” is a surprisingly bold hot pink.

The Monica Palette

The Revolution x Friends Monica Palette features an array of 9 copper and warm neutral shades to help you create Monica’s 90’s inspired makeup look. 

The collection also has a $25/£20 Limitless Palette, which includes 27 shades that are each named for a different character in the show.

Some of the names included in the Limitless palette include Paolo, Rachel’s Italian boyfriend from the first season of the show, and Ben, Ross’ son from his first marriage.

Lastly, the line also comes with three lipsticks that each retail for $8/£6; a berry-colored Phoebe, a Monica that comes in a nude-pink shade, and a mauve-toned Rachel.

Chandler, Joey and Ross are NOT missed out either because all six members of the cast have their own lipgloss shade that also costs $8/£6.

Now I’m off to watch all ten seasons of friends again….

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