Former MAC Cosmetics Chemist Creates Pure Culture Beauty brand

The former Chief Chemist at MAC Cosmetics, Victor Casale, has joined forced with H2O+ Beauty’s former CEO Joy Chen to launch a customised skin care brand.

Pure Culture Beauty uses data and science with the aim to provide you with personalised skin care products that are developed to target the microbiome and improve skin health.

“We know skin care is personal and that the products you use should reflect your particular skin needs; yet most people don’t understand their skin type and health, which leads them to choose products that aren’t the best fit,” said Chen.

To formulate the customised products, Pure Culture Beauty has teamed up with DNA Genotek and Diversigen to provide skin microbiome collection kits and microbiome analysis services.

“We know personalisation exists in nearly all facets of our lives, but it tends to stop at skin care,” said Casale. 

“While consumers can choose what products to use or what brands to buy, they rarely have any say in the product formulation used to address their skin – what’s inside the bottle is the same for everyone.”

He continued: “Pure Culture Beauty is different, we’re developing products that start with the individual and end with targeted, personalised skin care delivered right to your home. 

The line is also gender neutral, which further enforces the idea that they are able to create skincare for everyone.

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