Did Glossier Take This Person’s Work Without Paying For It?

Glossier have been under a lot of scrunity within the skincare community for at least the past year because of the way they treat their staff.

Outta The Gloss is just one platform which consists of ex-Glossier employees sharing the stories of bad treatment they have experienced.

Their aim is to speak out in order to try and change the Glossier environment.

But now the Glossier scandal is going one step further and it’s all because of this post:

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Boy Brow in Auburn, Venus approved 🏹

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This is Glossier’s latest Instagram post which depicts the goddess Venus arriving at the shore after her birth. Its a copy of the famous Sandro Botticelli painting The Birth of Venus and in this one Venus is holding a Boy Brow.

The problem?

After seeing Glossier’s post instagram user Paola Rios @pa0lamarie showed her followers a presentation that she shared with Glossier. It is remarkarbly similar to their latest campagain BUT they rejected her for it.

I reached out to New York Based, Marketing Coordinator Paola who shared the below screenshots of her conversation with Glossier.

Now let’s take a look at the work she pitched.

And just to make sure you know Glossier saw the work, here is their response to her sharing these pictures on her story:

It will be hard to know for sure where the inspiration for Glossier’s new campaign came from and the truth is there is no way to really distinguish the source for their copy of The Birth of Venus but there is clearly a lot of daming evidence to suggest it wasn’t all their idea.

What do you think, did Glossier take Paola’s work without consent and compensation?

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