Kiehls Have Upgraded Their Super Multi-corrective Cream

Whenever Kiehls launch or change up a formulation you guys LOVE it and so I couldn’t help report (albeit a little late) on the upgrades to one of their much loved multi-tasking, anti-aging creams.

So, what’s changed?

Three new ingredients have been added to the formula. These are; Phytomimetic Vitamin A, Chaga Mushroom and ProxylaneGX.

You may be wondering why they would want to change the formula. Did they have complaints about the last one? To my knowledge the answer is no.

Not being afraid to move with the latest research is something that I’ve always admired about Kiehls and I think that’s exactly what they do when it comes of reformulating. They literally study ingredients that work better and incorporate it back into their current products.

Let’s take for example ProxylaneGX which is a multi-patented anti-aging ingredient. Kiehls conducted a 12 week consumer use study with 53 women. After using the new super multi-corrective cream with ProxylaneGX in it the results from this study indicated that:

  • 96% felt improved texture
  • 94% felt firmer skin
  • 96% felt more elasticity
  • 92% saw reduced wrinkles
  • 90% saw more even tone
  • 92% saw a more lifted appearance
  • 86% saw more radiance

Chaga Mushroom

I wanted to dedicate a whole subsection to Chaga Mushroom because I love discovering new ingredients, especially if they’ve had use in skincare for many centuries which this has. It’s been used in traditional medicine practices in Russia, Eastern Europe, Korea and China to manage a range of ailments and promote wellbeing.

The reason Chaga Mushroom is so great? It has a high level of polyphenols, which are very, very powerful antioxidants.

With increasing evidence suggesting that environmental stress, such as UV radiation, generates reactive oxygen and nitrogen species in skin cells, which lead to skin disorders and aging, hyper pigmentation, and increased formation of wrinkles – antioxidants are incresingly becoming an essential part of skincare.

So, Kiehls have once again demonstrated their ability to upgrade their products in the right way – by taking into consideration the current concerns of the skincare world and developing/researching ingredients that combat them effectively.

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