The Easiest At Home Manicure You’ll Ever Come Across


Let’s face it manicures are not an easy thing to do yourself. It doesn’t matter how many times you practise – one off day and your nails will look like trash the whole week long.

That is why for SO long I’ve been going to a nail bar/salon to get an SNS manicure (I think a any manicure less intensive is just a plain rip off now) but with lockdown restrictions still firmly in place, salon appointments are a thing of the past.

This isn’t because I can’t go to a salon, because they have been allowed to re-open, but because I’m still not really comfortable going there.

I thought about getting an at home SNS kit but in all honesty I just don’t have the skills to do a manicure like a professional (eventually I do what to get one though).

I’m also not a fan of plain old nail polish most of the time because if the application isn’t perfect, it just doesn’t look that good and most of the time… my application is not perfect.

But then I heard about the ultimate express mani kit called ‘Coffee Break Manicure‘ by Leighton Denny.

Coffee Break Manicure Kit

Leighton Denny’s Coffee Break Manicure

I would like to start out by saying this is NOT an ad and I am writing this up because I genuinely love this as an idea to keep your nails healthy and clean whilst not able to get to a salon.

So, the Coffee Break Manicure Kit is a limited-edition kit containing all the crucial elements you need to create healthy, beautiful, polished nails – quickly. But the clincher is that it’s £18 for £32 worth of product. It includes:

NEW Luminosity (12ml) – A colour correcting, transformative base AND topcoat. As a base coat it transforms dull and discoloured nails with a groomed fresh look. As a top coat it transforms colours with a luminous super-shiny finish.

Slick Tips Nail & Cuticle Oil (12ml) – This nourishes and adds an instant moisture to dry, rough, hand sanitiser ravaged cuticles. It’s a blend of jojoba, castor and sweet almond oils, essential oils and vitamins A and E, which immediately moisturise dry cuticles and add lustre to dull, dehydrated nails.

Mini Crystal Nail File – This is a must-have, multi award winning, ‘Rolls Royce’ of nail files, which simply turns your nails to dust. It’s unique surface ‘seals’ the edge of the nail helping it stay strong and smooth and unlike a traditional nail file you can file using a back and forth motion without the risk of catching or splitting the nail.

Mini Hoof Stick – This double ended tool, with a rubber tip at one end and an angled pusher at the other is kind to nails and keeps cuticles in tip-top shape.

How to use the Coffee Break Kit

From the words of Leighton Denny himself;

  1. “First things first, file and shape nails with the Mini Crystal Nail File. The unique surface makes filing quick and easy, without risking damage to the nail. Even a nail manicure novice can get a salon finish.”
  2. “Apply Slick Tips to the cuticle area and massage in until the skin is softened.”
  3. “Take the Hoof Stick and using circular movements, gently shape and tidy all around the nail.”
  4. “Wash and dry hands thoroughly before applying two thin coats of Luminosityto brighten up and revitalise the appearance of dull, neglected nails.”
  5.  “When touch dry, lightly brush a little Slick Tips oil over the entire nail and cuticle for a perfect finish.”

This kit is basically a great way to keep onto of your nails without actually having to do much but more importantly it keeps them healthy, ready for when you actually get back to the more extravagant manicures we all need every now and again.

You can buy the Coffee Break Manicure here.

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