Veriphy Skincare Is The Revolutionary New Canadian Brand Founded By Women In STEM

Veriphy is the new buzz worthy brand hailing from Canada. It’s been picked up all over the world as apart of the new wave of indie brands that are based on science (much to my joy) and can provide users with seriously good results. In fact, lead formulator Jessica Kizovski says the best compliment she’s received about Veriphy was from a woman who said that since using Veriphy’s 20/20 eye cream, she no longer has to wear under-eye concealer.

Started by women in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics), Veriphy’s star ingredient is PhytoSpherix. PhytoSpherix, also known as Phytoglycogen, is a form of glycogen derived completely from plants.

Glycogen is found in every cell and can be broken down to release energy whenever required; it’s the main source of fuel for our cells. When applied topically, it works similarly to energize the skin, improving overall skin health and production of elastin, collagen and hyaluronic acid.

The line currently consists of an eye cream, serum and moisturiser, each promising a revitalised and rejuvenated complexion. But the proof is in the pudding, so lets take a look at some of Veriphy’s before and after pictures.

Veriphy’s before and after pictures

Overall skin texture
Fine line and wrinkles

What makes it even better? Its 100% cruelty free and committed to empowering women in STEM fields. In fact, they even established the Veriphy Skincare Award for Women in STEM, a scholarship in conjunction with the University of Guelph — where PhytoSpherix was discovered.

You can buy Veriphy Skincare here and follow them on Instagram here.

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