Youtuber Oli White Debuts His CBD Brand, Unique CBD

British YouTuber Oli White has broken into the wellness category with his debut CBD brand Unique CBD.

After building a successful career over nine years on YouTube with videos like ‘Only eating foods that begin with the first letter of our names‘, Oli White has decided to branch out and together with his partner Evie Marcer, a lifestyle influencer, launch Unique CBD.

The couple wanted to create a product that was natural and helped to improve people’s wellbeing after their own personal battles with anxiety. Hence, the product is designed to manage stress, promote a healthy immune system and product calming and anti-inflammatory effects.

Unique CBD has been formulated with organic pharma grade hemp from the US, uses CO2 extraction and varies from 150mg to 1,500mg in strength.

At the brand’s core is the aim to educate consumers on wellbeing, and it has committed to providing educational content with each launch. Which is why they partnered with environmental charity Ecologi, which tackles climate change by planting trees.

You can buy Unique CBD here.

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