Supreme Joins Forces With Pat McGrath To Launch Lipstick

Supreme and Pat McGrath have partened up to launch a litpick and in its usual fashion of sticking its logo on everything, the lipstick will be aptly named Supreme.

Fans of the hypebeast brand can expect the lipstick to come in its signature vibrant red, as part of the brand’s Fall/Winter 2020 collaboration. The collaboration marks the New York-based label’s first beauty partnership in its 26-year history.

Unfortunately, as excited as fans are for the once in a lifetime collaboration, the release date and price are yet to be announced but with Supreme’s fall collection launching this week, the beauty launch may soon follow, so keep your fingers crossed.

On the Pat McGrath website you can find some more information on the release. It says: ‘The Limited Edition lipstick features MatteTrance’s groundbreaking formulation and signature high-intensity hydrating pigment. ‘It will be available in one shade only – SUPREME – an instantly iconic bright red designed exclusively for Supreme by McGrath.’

Given the usual price range of Pat McGrath products we can assume this will be pricey. Will you be making the investment to be apart of this collaboration?

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