Jeffree Star Is Releasing His First Nude Makeup Collection

 And he’s calling it ‘Orgy’ (which, shockingly, has been criticised).

The next Jeffree Star Cosmetics launch is nude-colored, with the (in)appropriate and evocative title “Orgy.”

In his video reveal, Star showcased the 30-pan entirely matte shaded Orgy palette ($62), the 9 metallic and frost shades in the mini Orgy palette ($28), six new lip glosses ($18 each), a 25-set nude-colored mini liquid lipstick vault ($160), and a new line of a luminous setting powder formula ($22 each).

Jeffree Star announced the launch of his first makeup collection since the summer scandal involving him and Shane Dawson boiled over, forcing both YouTubers into an online hiatus that Dawson has yet to return from. In July, makeup retailer Morphe cut ties with Jeffree Star Cosmetics following a series of scandals involving Star, but his international online retailers are still working with him to ship products overseas.

All of the products launch on August 21. Shop Jeffree Star Cosmetics in the UK here.