Meet Ron Robinson’s Brand BeautyStat, Now Avaliable In The Uk

It’s officially arriving in the UK via Cult Beauty this month.

He’s known for immense knowledge of skincare ingredients and product formulations that have helped brands like Clinique, Estée Lauder, Revlon, Avon, and L’Oréal to develop product. Finally, last year Ron Robinson developed his own brand, BeautyStat, much to the joy of skincare lovers and beauty editors alike.

The brands debut product Universal C Skin Refiner was meet with rave reviews. Harpers Baazar went as far as calling it one of the best vitamin c serums of all time. The best part? Here in the UK, we no longer have to miss out on this genius because it launched on Cult Beauty this month.

So, why is it universal?

I asked the same question and knowing that vitamin C is a notoriously finicky ingredient I wondered how this was accomplished. Turns out Robinson was able to create a serum that contains 20 percent L-ascorbic acid after being introduced to a new encapsulation technology that allowed him to better stabilise vitamin c whilst also allowing it to deliver at full strength from the first to the very last drop. Yes that’s right – the vitamin C won’t degrade over time.

A stabler form of the ingredient means the serum should brighten, firm, and improve skin texture better than your average vitamin C ingredient, and do all that without any irritation, even for those of us prone to sensitivity, according to the brand. It also means you get your money’s worth because it does not lose it’s potency with time.

This is pretty revolutionary technology for skincare lovers and if you’ve been looking for a powerful upgrade for your vitamin c serum, this is it.

You can buy Universal C Skin Refiner at Cult Beauty here.

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