Boots To Launch “Makeup Exchange Policy”

Boots is to become the first UK retailer to allow make-up exchanges.

The rules are officially changing as Boots is beginning to allow us the ability to RETURN make-up products you have tried. As we let out a collective sigh of relief (now we can make investments without the worry of it not actually suiting you) we can once again thank COVID-19 for this change in the system.

“With our new store safety measures in place, for the time, testers are no longer available in Boots Beauty Halls and customers have told us they feel less confident buying the right shade,” said Joanna Rogers, Boots UK beauty director. “We know how frustrating and disappointing it feels when you get home only to find your new foundation isn’t the right skin tone match, or your new lipstick isn’t the colour you wanted, so we’re now giving people 35 days to exchange their beauty buys even if the packaging has been opened.”

Boots found that many people were seeking colour-matching advice during their Boots 1:1 Virtual Consultations, and it wanted to give customers the confidence to buy makeup while in-store testers and colour matching by Boots specialists are unavailable due to COVID-19 hygiene safety.

Boots states in the terms and conditions of the policy that if you purchase a makeup product and change your mind (this includes products you’ve opened), you have the right to return it in store within 35 days (provided you have proof of purchase) and exchange the unwanted product for a new one.

Although this is a great initiative, the new policy does not extend to online purchases. I also have to question what happens to the products you return? A question not yet answered but one I think is very important. So, if anyone from Boots is reading this let me know.

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