Lidl Launches Pure Olive Affordable Vegan Skincare Range

Lidl has launched a new collection of vegan skincare and shower products to offer sustainable and affordable choices to conscious beauty-lovers. And it’s already available in their supermarkets.

Many people are making the switch to cruelty-free cosmetics and Lidl wants to help them make the tradition easier with the launch of its affordable vegan skincare and shower range. The supermarket has released 4 new products made with organic olive oil renowned for its hydrating and high antioxidant properties.

The collection includes a body lotion, face cream, shower gel and hand cream all of which are vegan and priced just £1.99 each making it a perfect choice for those of us looking for a cheeper way into sustainable, vegan skincare.

Lidl said in a statement: “All products within the range are made with organic olive oil which boasts a number of beauty benefits due to its hydrating nature and high antioxidant content.

“The intensive care moisturising formulas leave skin feeling super soft and are perfect for all skin types.”

Although they have suggested the range is eco-friendly there is no indication as to how and where the olives are grown and produced. It will be interesting to see if they provide this information in the future and if they expand the range.

The full range is available in-store from 2nd July.