The Best Skincare Gift Sets For Father’s Day


It’s been a very trying few weeks and so a day to celebrate those closest to you is very much welcomed. This year’s Father’s Day will be a special one for so many of us because it is the perfect opportunity to show our father’s or caregivers just how much we appreciate, miss and respect them. So in true Science and Skincare fashion I’ve rounded up a few of my favourite skincare sets for the big day. Sunday 21st June (in case you were wondering).

The Grooming Set – Kiehls

What’s included:
1. Grooming Solutions 2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner
2. Ultimate Razor Burn & Bump Relief
3. Grooming Solutions Nourishing Beard Grooming Oil
4. Grooming Solutions Texturising Clay

Why is it great?
I’m sure you all know by now that I LOVE Kiehl’s formulations and this kit is the perfect way to introduce or elevate a skincare routine. Also, I think this packaging is LUSH.

Departure Travel Kit – Aesop

What’s included:

  1. Rinse-Free Hand Wash (50ml)
  2. Resurrection Hand Balm (15ml)
  3. Blue Chamomile Facial Masque (15ml)
  4. Immediate Moisture Facial Hydrosol (50ml)
  5. Rosehip Lip Cream (6ml)
  6. Mouthwash (50ml)
  7. Toothpaste (10ml)

Why is it great?

I love Aseop not only because, all of their products work but also they’re asethic (minimal chic) is everything I want to be. This kit is also gender neutral and is the perfect, lux addition for someone who already has an extensive skincare collection. In fact, Aseop gift sets are a big part of their brand DNA now and they have an array of great ones, they are definitely worth investigating a bit more if you love this brand.

The Ritual of Samurai Invigorating Treat Bodycare Gift Set – Rituals

What’s included:

  1. The Ritual of Samurai Foaming Shower Gel, 50ml
  2. The Ritual of Samurai Shave Cream, 70ml
  3. The Ritual of Samurai Anti-Perspirant Spray Sport, 50ml
  4. The Ritual of Samurai Ice Shower, 70ml

Why is it great?

Don’t let the fact that I couldn’t get a picture of this dissuade you from considering this one. Rituals scents are unlike any other I’ve tried in skincare because they last SO long. I assume this is indication of the quality of ingredients they put into their products. I really can’t recommend Rituals enough, simply because there scents are so unique and carefully crafted and this kit really isn’t very expensive at all (£20). Especially considering how long it will last and much it will elevate the recipients body care game.

The Serious Skincare Set – Kiehls (again)

What’s included:

1. Age Defender Dual-Action Cleanser
2. Ultimate Razor Burn & Bump Relief
3. Eye Fuel
4. Age Defender Gel Moisturiser

Why is it great?
I am sorry (but kinda not) for having Kiehls in here twice but you know I love them and I truly believe their products work. And this only because they use potent ingredients at a higher percentage than most other brands. They’ve come out with some really great gifts sets for this Father’s Day. The two in this list are definitely where I would spend my money because they have the most products. There are however, some great. cheaper alternatives on their site too!

I really trawled the internet to compile this list. These are the sets I found that are the most worth their cost. There are quite a lot of sets out there and typically this kind of holiday is a great way for brands to get rid of old samples/stock as sets so I’ve never really been excited by them. Hence, I really wanted to create this list as a way to hopefully help you spend your money a little more wisely!