SMR – 25.05.20

Hey everyone! It’s been awhile since I posted a shop my routine (SMR) and I was missing them because firstly, it gives me an opportunity to converse without all the complicated science framing the post and secondly, I get to share with you what I’ve actually been using in my routine. Give you opinions (which I try to keep to a minimum elsewhere by giving you facts and research in other posts) and importantly share the places where you can buy the same things! So, during this very trying time I’ve been reaching for the following (if you follow me on Instagram you may have seen this already but I like to post on here to, so I can talk about the products a bit more).

@sallyhansenuk – Cuticle Remover and Gel Shine – I have a lot of friends who are struggling with not being able to get a professional manicure (first world problem’s I know) and even though it doesn’t really bother me that much I do understand the notion that a fresh manicure makes you feel more put together. Like you have things organized in your life. I kid you not this is the easiest way to do that. You just apply to the cuticles and in a matter of seconds it painlessly removes your cuticles. All you have tot do is run an orange stick around the cuticle bed. It also makes your home pedicure look WAY more professional. This is a solid 10/10 for me and I rarely give that. Gel Shine is literally the closest thing I’ve gotten to a SNS manicure without an SNS kit!

@pixibeauty – Milky Tonic and Glow Mist* – You all know I love Pixi products. I still think they are on the pricey side so if I had to choose, Glow Tonic is the thing I’d recommend for everyone and for so long, on that belief, I hadn’t given the brands other products a fair shot. But I decided to mix it up (quarantine and all) and I love both of these. I like using the Milky Tonic for days when I don’t want to use acid as a toner and I am big on mist’s (again). This was the first one I saw in my collection and it works, like really works for what you want. Which, for a mist, is to make the skin softer so your other products skin in better.

@rimmellondonuk Double Decker Red* – This is the perfect red for my skin tone, which is kinda olive with a very yellow undertone. It’s hard to fine the perfect red and most of them do look good on all skin tones but when you find the right one it literally make’s your skin look brighter. This does exactly that for me.

@burtsbees – Lip balm/tint* – I salute the people who have been wearing make-up through this, I really do. The absoutle most I can do it my skincare and if I’m feeling crazy I’ll put some of this on. The pigment is really strong, it looks like a lipstick without the dryness. It’s great if you like the no make-up, make-up or if you’re like me, just can’t be bothered but need something that makes you seem more put together.

@holisticsilk – Jade Silk Pillowcase* – I think it’s hard to tell if a silk pillowcase is working for your skin because a lot of the benefits are around anti-aging, so only time will tell. The moment I realized this pillowcase was working for me was when my hair stopped getting so frizzy. Even more than that it didn’t frizz when it was exposed to really hot weather/really cold weather/all together going outside. Your hair glides over the silky smooth texture of mulberry silk without any friction which means you’ll be less likely to wake up with frizzy hair, tangles, or bedhead. Believe it or not the smooth surface also means less tugging on skin than with a traditional cotton pillowcase. Through Holistic Silk I have discovered silk pillowcases are not a trend, it’s something you should invest in.

*pr gifted, some of the links are affiliated.

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