Charlotte Tilbury Launches Airbrush Bronzer

But is there a lot of difference between Airbrush Bronzer and Filmstar Bronze and Glow?

For so long fans of Charlotte Tilbury had only one (very reasonable) complaint about the last bronzing offering Filmstar Bronze and Glow – it only came in two shades. In this day and age you may as well consider that blasphemy. It also came with a highlighter which, although I liked, if you didn’t want one, tough you have one. But now after years of waiting comes the second bronzer to the Tilbury line and although I haven’t tried it yet, I do have some thoughts.

Tilbury herself debuted Airbrush Bronzer to editors and makeup artists via Zoom where she explained, “Diversity was key when it came to this launch.” However, considering this line has only four shades the question is, did she achieve the diversity she wanted? True, we will only know when people are able to try the product and put forward their own opinions (which I’m looking forward to) but Tilbury and her team are said to have made sure to thoroughly test on a wide variety of skin tones. Although it’s hard to believe that only four shades could cater to the billions of people in the world.

The bronzer also features hyaluronic acid powder, coconut oil, soft-focus silica, and mica, all of which contribute to the powders incredibly silky, buildable texture. “It doesn’t sit on skin like a powder,” she explained. “You can build and build and this will never settle into your pores.” Tilbury explained it was important for her that this didn’t feel like a powder bronzer, an interesting statement considering it is a powder bronzer.

Charlotte does get some points for sustainability though, Airbrush Bronzer is refillable. The refill bronzer costs £28, which you simply snap into place meaning you don’t have to repurchase the expensive, rose-gold, vintage (looking) makeup packaging that in all honesty, it heart-breaking to throw away anyway.

I have tested some of Charlotte’s make-up in the past, with success but this launch seems to be missing the mark for me. What do you think? Is the range diverse enough and will you be trying it?

The Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Bronzer launches today. Links to shop the four shades are below.

Fair , Medium, Tan, Deep