Indeed Labs Launch Hydraluron™+ Moisture Mist

The new mist that will defend against outdoor pollution and blue light.

This Canadian based, science-backed beauty brand has just added a mist to it’s most popular collection, hydraluron™. As the name indicates this range delivers your skin a powerful dose of hyaluronic acid, which in this instance is a low molecular weight HA that absorbs water like a sponge, leaving skin looking full and plump.

However, Moisture Mist has another special ingredient in it, Buddleja Officinalis, also known as the Butterfly Bush. It’s an  is a deciduous early-spring flowering shrub native to west Hubei, Sichuan, and Yunnan provinces in China. This extract actually holds 3x the antioxidative power of goji berries providing global biological photo-protection. This active targets the different harmful effects of UV-rays, blue light, and IR wavelengths.

Even if you believe blue/visible light from your devices doesn’t affect your skin (as always more research needs to be done), we can still be exposed to blue light from the sun and so is a real concern that skincare companies are now marketing towards.

Antioxidants are an important step of any skincare routine and the exciting part of this product is that Indeed Labs are introducing us to a new ingredient that can help us up our anti oxidative dosage.

The hydraluron™ range is impressive (speaking from experience, it totally transformed the texture of my dry skin to something resembling a silky cushion) and with the addition of an antioxidant sincerely think this will be worth a test. Especially now I realize how much more I need to tone. The question is, will you be trying it?

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