Il Makiage Launches in the UK

The fastest growing direct-to-consumer brand in the US, is finally coming to the UK and here are all the deets.

This is a new beauty brand that challenges the way we buy make-up online. It has helped millions of customers in the US transition from buying makeup in high street stores to online and now, IL MAKIAGE has launched in the UK, with prices starting from £19.

Now you might have guessed that a launch in the middle of a pandemic may not be the best place to start for a make-up brands (we’re used to trying things about before we buy, right?) – well IL MAKIAGE has sorted that out thanks to their PowerMatch algorithm.

They have a unique algorithm which utilizes machine learning to precisely match beauty complexion products without ever seeing the consumer’s face.

For more than a year, IL MAKIAGE’s data science, R&D and engineering teams have combined the results of hundreds of thousands of data points and information on 700 different skin tone combinations to create the PowerMatch algorithm. So you don’t even need to leave the house to find your perfect shade.

To date, over 10 million users have taken the brand’s “PowerMatch quizzes” which, using machine learning, continue to improve every day.

Co-founder and CEO of IL MAKIAGE, Oran Holtzman said: “My sister and I sought out to create one of the most inclusive, prestige beauty lines for all, while leaning heavily into technology. Out of the gate, we decided to build a digitally-native beauty brand since we truly believed that the beauty category is ready for digital disruption.” I completely agree but what do you think, is make-up ready for a reinvention?

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