Huda Beauty Launches First Ever Mascara

Beauty Billionaire Huda Kattan founded her line of best-selling cosmetics with false eyelashes but until now, has been missing a fundamental: mascara.

From her award-winning liquid matte lipsticks to her sell-out Rose Gold eyeshadow palette, she’s an influencer-turned-beauty mogul whose product formulations are worn a million times over.

She’s also the undisputed lash queen but her line hasn’t actually offered a mascara to use pre-falsie application, or on the days when you don’t feel like putting false eyelashes on. However, that’s all about to change, for, after five years of research and development, Kattan has launched her debut mascara, Legit Lashes.

Five years ago Huda is said to have told her team that this mascara should be so “amazing that we would never need to release another mascara”.

Given that Legit Lashes has a double-ended wand, with one end a brush for Curl & Length and the other for Volume, she probably won’t need to. The results seem to speak for themselves. In a Huda Beauty study, 100 percent of participants (although it doesn’t say how many) agreed that lashes looked extremely lengthened and curled after use.

The Volume end of the mascara is intertwined with petal bristles made of rubber that help to evenly distribute the unique formula through the lashes. It’s made with soft waxes and a combination of low gravity volumizing fibers, which is supposed to allow the lightweight formula to build layer after layer of volume without weight, stiffness, or clumping.

The lengthening end of the mascara is formulated with unique gripping waxes that coat every lash and has patented 5 mm lengthening fibers that work to mimic natural lashes for an immediate lengthening effect. This is paired with a curve-injected brush which features nine rows of conic bristles with gradual size so that each hair gets coated and combed to maximum curvature.

The pigment in the formula was designed like their Life Liner – an extremely rich pigment achieved with “Black-2” Liquid pigment, an alternative to carbon black and blacker than iron oxide. It’s an extreme black pigment, perfect for those who like to experiment with more dramatic make-up.

It’s also worth noting the images used for their marketing were not retouched nor used any false lashes to amplify the results. For £24, that’s not too bad! Both formulas are ophthalmologically tested, suitable for contact lens wearers and sensitive eyes, and they’re also fragrance-free.

Legit Lashes officially launches on the 20th of May and you can sign up to the waitlist on

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