Meet Skin Proud

The new skincare brand inspired by Glossier, where everything is less then £15!

There are two reasons why popular skincare brands like The Ordinary, Glossier and Versed have taken off exponentially; affordability and no fluff. Whether you’re looking for a vitamin C product to target hyper-pigmentation or exfoliating acids for acne, they have made once expensive and confusing ingredients easy to buy and understand.

Now there’s another brand vying for space among them: Skin Proud. Maybe due to the Glossier-esque packaging and the backing of makeup artists and top London skin expert Dr Ewoma Ukeleghe, you might have heard of Skin Proud already. Exclusive to ASOS (joining cult brands like Mario Badescu and CeraVe), the line currently consists of nine products and ranges from serums and moisturizers to targeted skin treatments. But the main focus is on the dermatologist-loved ingredients, such as 2% vitamin C (for brightening and protecting against pollution), 0.5% retinol (for all skin types, especially acne-prone) and 2% hyaluronic acid (for counteracting dehydration and fine lines).

The best part? Nothing is over £15. It’s the UK’s very own answer to Glossier but more on demand because it ships from here! It seems like we are getting the best of both worlds.

Are you willing to give it a go?

You can buy Skin Proud here.

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