SMR – 12.04.20

Happy Easter Sunday everyone! I hope you’re already eating a lot of chocolate if you’re celebrating. Right now I’m looking forward to a cup of coffee and seeing my niece’s reaction when she see’s how much chocolate she can have today! I’m off to quite literally fan myself (it’s so warm) and do an extra special morning routine (by this I mean there is one more step in it): 

@yslbeauty – Pure Shots Plumper cream. The texture is EXACTLY like burrata, yes the cheese. It make’s me want a caprese everytime I use it but it is super plumping.
@goodmolecules – HA Serum – You know I gotta have a little HA, especially in this heat!
@pixibeauty – Milky Tonic – The milky comes from Jojoba Seed Oil, kinda lush isn’t it?
@deciem – AHA/BHA mask (AHA/BHA blog post up now!)
@skinceuticals_uki – SPF 30 – It’s very hot here in London, I don’t always remember sunscreen (which is awful I know but it really does just slip my mind) but it is really important and I’m making a very conscious effort to keep it in my mind now.
@kiehlsuki – Vitamin C concentrate – My skin absolutely needs vit C, I think this product is pretty exceptional for it’s potency.

*all PR gifted.

Have a great day! 🥚🥚🥚🥚

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