SMR – 07.04.2020

How long has it been since I did a morning routine?!?! Quarantine taking me out of my laziness, who woulda guessed? Anyway, this is basically my morning skincare ft Dalgona coffee (obvy):

@kiehlsuki – Daily Reviving Concentrate (almost finished but I LOVE this, will review soon!) And Vitamin C Eye Treatment

@pixibeauty – Milky Tonic

@skinceuticals_uki – Daily Protection SPF 30 (because UVA rays can and will penetrate through windows)

@revitalashuk – Revitabrow

*all gifted apart from Revitabrow

Also, I just wanted to explain Dalgona coffee a bit because it’s quite frankly everywhere. If you are, like me, a little bit addicted to latte’s and don’t get what you need from an at home coffee than this is where you need to invest some time. You basically whisk together 2 tbsp ground coffee, 2 tbsp sugar and a little bit of water. Once it’s creamy, you can use it to top off any kind of milk. Honestly, it’s the only at home coffee that satisfies me.

How are you finding keeping up to date with your skincare routine? I’ve actually found it difficult to bother so keeping it simple and always having a coffee has really helped me stay motivated.

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