My Favourite Hand Cream

Hello everyone 🖐

If you’re following the current covid-19 advice correctly, I’m sure your hands are getting sore from all the washing. Also, you may have sensitive skin which especially needs a heavy dose of moisture that’s being take away from all the alcohol that can be found in hand gels/washes. However, by sensitive I don’t simply mean oily. It can also mean dry and irritable. I’ll leave it up to you to distinguish how your skin is right now but I can guess it probably ain’t good.

You’ll have probably realized by now that @kiehlsuki is one of my all time favourite brands both because of their efficacious nature and because their formulations are backed by science. So, it will come as no surprise that they also make my fave hand cream – Ultimate Strength Hand Salve. It’s currently in stock and able to ship to you asap. They are also still paying their staff wages even though they have closed their stores, thankfully. You can support them, keep the economy a float and keep your hands healthy all in one!

It’s also good to remember that even though this is a strange time isolation can be pretty great for your skin. It’s a chance to leave it alone, no-make-up or environmental pressures to intervene with how your skin wants to repair itself. To get the most out of this time it’s important to keep up with your usual routine and keep the temperature in your house steady, not too hot or cold.

Since almost all of us are currently in quarantine, I’d love to know what you want to see on Science and Skincare. It’s strange because I’m sure beauty is the last thing you’re thinking about but it also may help to distract you and make this time go by more quickly. Feel free to DM or email me at

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