Is It All Over For Glossier Play?

There are no plans to launch any new Glossier play products, so says the Business of Fashion article about Glossier stalling Glossier Play. But what happened?

Almost exactly a year ago Glossier set out to incorporate a more dynamic, playful make-up line to contrast their ‘ no make-up, make-up’ collection. The hype was big. The wait was long. The anticipation to see what they had come up with was high – they had set themselves a very high standard with what they had accomplished so far.

There seemed to be a resounding ‘oh, is that it’ when it was finally reveled. A more vibrant, bold make-up line which although I’m sure has it’s fans, didn’t seem to warrant the excitement it was garnering. The way it was put across, as a sensory tool, had set high expectations with some thinking it would have been a physical addition to Glossier. More, permanent stores that would mean it’s allegiance of followers could finally play with Glossier? Maybe even something far superior, something that showed us technology is advancing and we could finally smell their fragrance though our phones?

The line launched with some criticism mainly for it’s not very environmentally friendly foil packaging and Glitter Gel that wasn’t bio glitter. The aforementioned glitter gel was condemned, per Harper’s Bazaarfor its environmentally harmful ingredients. (Glossier advises washing the product off with a cotton pad and its Milky Oil “to avoid getting glitter into the waterways.”)

In a statement, Weiss said it was clear they’d “made the wrong choice,” saying the team had been trying to reformulate the gel with bio-glitter. “But ultimately, we haven’t been able to make a product that we love,” she added, stating the product’s upcoming discontinuation.

Weiss didn’t reveal much to the Business of Fashion. But the 34-year-old did say that she and her team decided to create an entirely different brand to “differentiate more intense makeup product from less intense makeup product … The realisation we had was, ‘Huh, we could have just launched more makeup products.’”

Hence disappointing sales could mean Glossier Play will merge into the main line. Play’s Instagram account is now private, and the Glitter Gelée —a widely criticised product —will be discontinued on March 2. (However, the eyeliner and lip lacquer’s shade range will be extended.)

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