New Start-up, Duolab, Launches On Demand Skincare

A brand new start-up, owned by L’Occitane Group, has launched it’s AI powered skincare line in the UK and Ireland this week.

This new tech device is everything you could ask for. The device makes a fresh single-dose every time you want it, which means it’s preservative free. The temperature of the formula is also regulated to suit your skin’s, so it’s microbiome friendly too!

But how does it work?

Think nespresso machine, you literally put a capsule of skincare into the DUOLAB device and out comes the skincare.

The artificial intelligence is an app that assess the user’s skin profile using two state of the art forms. One pre-empts what the skin needs and the other responds to the users changing environment. Then the app recommends a combination of the available ingredient capsules. As of now there is three moisturizing bases available and five active capsules.

They’ve also got the sustainability aspect of it figured out. Customers can mail back the capsules (in pre-paid mailers) or drop them off at a L’Occitane store for them to be recycled with Terra cycle. This will earn the customer loyalty points.

You can buy the device right here, it will set you back £250. Each capsule costs £1.25 and you can buy the capsules in bulk for a month with a twice-a-day use bundle costing £112.

So, what do you think, is it worth investing?

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