Superstar Ingredient: Volulip

This information is courtesy of Sederma, the company who made this complex ingredient. It has been popping up in LOTs of lip-pumping products including; @dior Lip Maximizer and @indeedlabs Hydraluron™+ Volumising Lip Treatment and so I thought I’d dig around the manufacture to procure what exactly it is that makes Volulip so special.

HA synthesis is indeed an important factor in helping to add volume and structure to the face and so my assumption is that it will work in the same way in the lips. Having tried the Indeed labs version myself I can say my lips are SUPER hydrated after use but as with a lot of plumping lip products the benefits last for only a little while. As an option for a lip hydrate that also plumps it may very well the best option!

Would you give it a go?

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