SMR stands for Shop My Routine. I’m always trying to share the best deals I can find with you guys (if I can find any!) and thought the easiest way was to link it out right here! So, whenever I put up a routine, you know have a space to shop the same things!

Quick and effective, that’s how I like my routines and today is no different. I feel like I need to make a tad bit more of an effort as my skin has broken out and I have dry patches. Hence, 🍊🍊🍊🍊 For tonight, don’t know how this happened but I’m fine with it:

@pixibeauty – Vitamin C Juice Cleanser
@drunkelephant – Beste Jelly Cleanser and C-Tango
@kiehlsuki – Nourishing Dry Body Oil
@cliniqueuk – ID Jelly with the Fatigue cartridge
*all pr gifted

Anyway, I’ve got a banging headache so I am off to bed feeling extremely hydrated!

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