The Best Exfoliating Masks of 2019

I just thought I’d share some of my favourite exfoliating masks/overnight treatment kinda things since a few of you DM’d me recently wondering which one’s I’ve used and loved. There are only four but honestly you’ll probably find a firm fave somewhere in this small selection:

  1. The Ordinary AHA/BHA (yes it has a bit of both) is a show stopping colour and has a soothing, thick texture. Plus it’s like £6 for 30 mL.
  2. Omorovicza – Silver Skin Saviour, it’s got colloidal silver in it, for it’s antibacterial properties. Great if you have blemish prone skin.
  3. Skinceuticals – Glycolic 10 Renew Overnight. So, SO good!
  4. Dclskincare – Spot Therapy, unlikely contender but also great. Very similar to the Skinceuticals one but less watery.

There really isn’t a theme with the spot treatment vibe (even though it seems like there is) but acids tend to be good at clearing up your skin, so if you do have breakouts and haven’t tried any of the above then give it a go. The Ordinary one is only six quid after all!

TOP TIP: I use the last two on my legs to keep them smooth. It also makes waxing easier as the hair just comes out so effortlessly. As side effect I wasn’t expecting but very happy with.

If you’d like a more in-depth review on any of these just let me know!

*All products gifted but by NO means does that effect how I feel about them.

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