2020’s First Post – Update on Clinique ID

Can you believe it?!? 2020 is actually here and I am officially starting to feel old. I took a little break from Instagram over the last few weeks of 2019 and I thoroughly enjoyed and highly recommend it. Now, though, it’s the 2nd of January and I’m keen to get back to doing what I love and so my first post is all about sharing some more information on this @cliniqueuk ID product because I think it’s a really smart idea.

If you’re an avid user of @theordinary this could be the next step up for your routine. It’s a combination of a base and an active cartridge. Like Deciem, they’ve isolated the component that you need the most and allow you to choose which one you want in your product. You can also choose the base which include, lotions and oil free gels.

Right now they have five active cartridges avaliable including AHAs, whey protein and taurine. It’s £36 and such a great way to experiment with active compounds in a more comfortable way, because you choose based on your skin texture and look!

Once I’ve tested it a little bit more I’ll put up an in-depth review. What do you guys think – would you try it?

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