Polaar has landed in the UK


A sunny London morning in West London at the newest Farm Girl cafe in London can only mean one thing – a blogger breakfast is occurring:

Arctic food was on the menu (like this arctic berry bowl) to celebrate the launch of Polaar skincare.

If you live in Europe and I mean Europe – European countries not in the UK. You may have heard of this brand already. It’s got a french pharmacy vibe to it. Deliciously fragranced and full of potential due to their sustainability credentials.

They have been around for a few years, some even argue they haven’t discussed their sustainability points enough! Polaar founder, Daniel Kurbiel, had a deep fascination with the Arctic world.

After spending many admirable years in the Arctic and Antarctic and delving into the world of science, with studies like the one of wild Arctic cotton fields which revealed powerful cleansing and soothing properties. Polaar was developed.

“Polaar intends to be inspired by what nature has forged, without ever damaging it.” – That’s their ethos. But how do they achieve their non-damaging skincare?

Their answer: responsible asset harvesting chains, which have won innovation awards, are quickly set up in association with local producers. And importantly, the acknowledgment of continuous work to achieve a happy a equilibrium when it comes to skincare and nature.

And of course I got the chance to try some Polaar goodies. Although as of right now its only been a week since first use – I’ve been really enjoying them. The texture’s range from bounce-y sponge to gel turning to water. I used them for a few days in a row and received compliments on how fresh I looked. Something that happens very, VERY rarely now. I think it’s worth a try and I will definitely keep using.

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