Kiehls have reformulated Ultra Facial Cream

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I was about 17 when I first stumbled across the ultra facial cream and I thought it was the only thing I would ever find useful for my ultra dry skin. Little did I know the vast array of lotions and potions that would consume my life as soon as I hit 19. And unfortunately, my beloved ultra facial cream took a back seat.

Fast forward to 2019 and Kiehl’s have so kindly sent me there reformulated version of their world known ultra facial cream.


I.e. the labs at Kiehl’s had started reformulating literally when I was first introduced to it. I mean I have completed a four year degree in the same time. This gives me immense satisfaction because now we know how seriously they’ve taken the upgrade, they put really science and effort behind it.

Why did they reformulate?

“We know that customer preferences have changed and are well aware of a growing concern around parabens,” – Kim Robertson, vice president of customer experience at Kiehl’s.

I think the answer here is pretty obvious – no parabens. Parabens
are preservatives that can help prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi in beauty products. They became a source of controversy when a 2004 study found them in samples of cancerous breast tissue, the Food and Drug Administration has since deemed them safe in very low concentrations. 

It is safe to assume that beauty formulators want to stay away from the drama. And so naturally Kiehl’s had to reformulate. They also added a little oomph in the ingredient list with the addition of glacial glycoprotein and olive squalane.

Olive squalane you’ve probably heard of before, thanks to *cough The Ordinary cough*. Or if you have no clue what I’m taking about – it is a much loved hydrating oil that comes from Olives (vegan, natural = a win).

Glacial glycoprotein a new one for me too! I abosultey love being introduced to a new ingredient. This one is sourced from the Antarctic.

The organic substance thrives in the most extreme environmental conditions as a result of the cryoprotective (protection against freezing) properties of the molecule. Hence, it can protect you skin against a lot of stress, including free radicals whilst being super supportive and hydrating.

So, I’ve been using it all week and I can safely say it is still FABULOUS. Hydrating, softening, calming, long lasting hydration. Everything I loved about the original and potentially even safer!

Will you be buying it?

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