In conversation with: Christina Kassi: the girl behind Beaute Defile

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A beauty blogging interview series could not be complete without a conversation with one of the fastest grown beauty accounts I have seen grow on Instagram. Christina Kassi is the girl behind all the fabulous shots and I wanted to know more about what it is that got her into the position she has grown into to. And what it takes to to get beautiful images like: 

From this interview I have found a reliability with Christina that I had no idea about before, even though we have been following each other for a long time.

 One thing I’ve always wondered – what inspired your online pseudonym? 
Beauté Défilé /bo’te’le/

My beauty runway. I have always obsessed over fashion and runway shows as well as beauty and skincare. I combined the two concepts with ‘Beauté Défilé’ to offer an editorial spin on all things beauty, and specifically self-care.

Your account has been popular on Instagram for quite a while now, what do you think is the reason for the continued success? 
I think there’s been a few reasons, the main being honest, focused, consistent, and always pushing myself to do better!
How did you find your style on Instagram? 
I think I’m still refining my “style” and it’s ever evolving! I haven’t found “it” yet but I do believe I’m in the right direction. I experimented a lot with different settings, backdrops, and arrangements. I loved the process of defining what looks good and what doesn’t. Eventually I realized I wanted to share part of my life so I removed all the fake backdrops and started incorporating parts of my vanity. And here we are now!
 What has been your proudest moment as a beauty blogger? 
I think my proudest moments are those messages or comments I get from others that express themselves to me. They’re telling me that I inspired them in many ways to do what they wanted, to get in touch with themselves, to start wearing less makeup and focus more on their skin, and so many more. There’s nothing else that motivates me or makes me more proud!
Now this is a question I am always intrigued to ask bbloggers – How do you decipher whether a product is worth talking about to your followers? 
Yeah that’s definitely tricky! If I’m using it on a daily basis I’ll talk about it. If I used it once and didn’t like it I might not mention it at all unless it’s a very very popular product that I know others are interested to know my thoughts on. I generally choose to share my thoughts only on products I absolutely love which is why I’m very selective with the type of PR gifts I receive.
Have you always been good with a camera? If not, how did you get there?
I have always had interest in photography and have had a lot of experience with cameras. I’ve tried film and digital as well as instant! I love it all!  I don’t consider myself “good” with the camera quite yet. I’m learning new things everyday! Mostly things about the light and how it can affect everything in your photo. The camera is just a tool, it can elevate your photography, but it doesn’t make the photo.
What has been the biggest challenge you have faced during your time as a beauty blogger and how did you overcome that? 
My biggest challenge has always been sharing more of myself, meaning my actual face. I’ve struggled with self esteem for many years and I’ve always been afraid of others judging me. I think this is something I overcame with this account and I’m slowly starting to share more and more of. The community has helped me with my confidence!
Do you think this is a career you will have for many years to come? Or is it a career option?
My Instagram is not my career. I work full time as a marketing director for a local company. I would love to transition into a position in the beauty industry though! I’m hoping I can grow from this experience, gain knowledge, and connect with other wonderful people that care for their skin.



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