March Empties 2018


Empties are always a bittersweet time of the month for me (especially if I did them every month). It’s a constant struggle between loving getting rid of old products so I can keep everything organised and minimalistic and getting rid of some amazing and expensive products. And this month there are loads of the latter.
*Yay or Nay = Would I buy it again, yay is a yes and nay is no
Erno Lazlo Sheet Masks (soothe and calm/ detox and exfoliate)
Cost: £14 each / Feel Unique
YAY OR NAY? Yay – Easy to place on the face and not at all lacking in the hydration factor. I do wish there was more than one mask in each pack.

House of Intuition – Glow
Cost: £8.50 / Oliver Bonas
YAY OR NAY? Nay because it is luxury personified, I could spray so many things in my room to create and ambience and even though it is delightfully fragranced, I must admit if I had a limited amount to spend I wouldn’t rush to get this.

Drunk Elephant – Vitamin C Serum
Cost: $100 for 30 mL / Sephora (Not available in the UK)
YAY OR NAY? YAY!! Absolutely adore this serum, I only had a travel size version and unfortunately, I don’t think I can get this in the UK but if I could I would. It is mega pricey but I think if you want to introduce Vitamin C into your routine, this is the way to do it.

Omorovicza – Queen of Hungry Mist
Cost: £50.00 for 100 mL / Space NK
YAY OR NAY? Not really sure because I love it, as I do most mists but 50 quid is a lot of money to spend a spritz. The packaging is gorgeous and the spritz is so even (how did they do that) but I am willing to find a cheaper version for a slightly less glamorous effect.

Kiehls – Hydro plump Re Texturizing Serum Concentrate
Cost: £41.00 / Space NK
YAY OR NAY? YAY – YAY!! This stuff seriously good at hydrating, reasonable priced for a serum. I would love to buy again but given that I have a fair few serums to get through I probably wouldn’t repurchase anytime soon, but it will always be on my list of skincare products I can trust.

Made Cera – Return Cream
Cost: £16.00 for 15 mL / Cult Beauty
YAY OR NAY? NAY – I liked it, nice light and smells like talc powder but let’s face it there are SO many Korean skincare creams to try. I cannot, nor will not limit myself to one brand. It cheap so might be nice for someone who is just getting into skincare or a present for a younger member of the family who wants to try Korean skincare.


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