January 2018 Favourites



Kaia Natural – Takesumi Charcoal Deodorant

I have always been intrigued by natural deodorants because the underarm skin is particularly susceptible to taking in its environmental chemicals. So, I have wanted to try one for a long time, I just found it difficult to get hold of one and had no idea what brand to go for. When Kaia naturals sent this to me I was ecstatic. Kaia naturals is a relatively new brand for me, but became a firm favourite once I used this deodorant because it is useful! They have a very minimalistic approach to skincare and whenever I use this I feel as if I am doing something useful for, not just my skin, but my health too.

Sukin – Cleansing oil

The smell is SO delicious, like no other brand, all of their products have scents that make me incredibly hungry for a sugary treat. Whether you’d enjoy that or not is up in the air but I genuinely love the smell not to mention the silky, soft texture of the oil. And it is all natural!

Sunday Riley – Tidal

I don’t even know where to begin with this, if you follow my Instagram you will know how obsessed I’ve become with this. I sincerely never thought I could be addicted to one product but I cling on to using this every day because it hasn’t once failed to hydrate my skin (and this is the good part) it keeps my skin hydrated and radiant all day! This is fast becoming my holy grail product.

Plumme Science – Brow Pommade

Great colour! Not to warm and kind of earthy grey which I think makes my brows look more natural.  And so handy to carry around with me, it also comes with a brush that makes it exceptionally easy to create your brows on the go.

My homemade granola

Oats, pecans, hazelnuts, maple syrup, Himalayan salt, vanilla extract. That’s all. A few weeks back I totally panicked because I had no granola in my house, I had gotten so use to buying things ready-made I forgot that I used to make my own! It’s so easy and so much cheaper and healthier to make your own. I will hopefully stay on track this time and stick to homemade. I actually ran out this morning so will need to whip some up next week.

Nakd Bars

To put it bluntly, I have lived of variations of these in the past few months (dates galore). They have so many great flavours, and new ones all the time. When studying/writing this is my go to and they are divine with coffee or green tea.

Pixi – Rose Caviar Essence

I have recently been branching out with my Pixi beauty. I had previously only tried the glow tonic and as I predicted their other products did not disappoint. Have you seen this? It Is literally liked they bottled flowers and I get to put it on my face! What more could you want? It is extremely light and has a consistency similar to Kiehls retexturizing serum in that it almost dissolves into water as you apply it.

Dr Jacksons – Everyday oil

The one thing I love about this is that it is for day and night. Whenever I need a pump of hydration I just mix a bit in with something else and I instantly look more awake and my skin tone looks way more even and glowing.

Garnier – Micellar water

I can’t really say anything other than it does exactly what I need. It does a deep clean on days when I don’t want an acid. It had been so long since I last had a bottle and I found it incredibly difficult to use up my last one (which shan’t be named, but again if you follow my insta you’ll know) that it felt like a blessing to have my favourite back.

Dr Jacksons – 07 Face wash

Using this is my favourite way to prep my skin in the morning and evening. It is just a simple and effective face wash that really cleans skin and allows me to layer my skincare knowing that it will absorb properly.

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