15 Days Without Makeup

It started out pretty well but god was this hard.

So, like most people I started out 2018 with a lot of enthusiasm but not a whole lot of will power. The last few weeks of 2017 was hard and I consumed A LOT of sugar. My skin showed it and I am not going to lie, my skin is normally quite good and it take a lot for it to breakout. As you can imagine I was devastated when I broke out and I was determined to fix it. I began to ponder what I could do that would be easy to commit to and have a profound effect. You guessed it, I spent and extra 20 minutes in bed every morning as my new year’s resolution.

Week 1

Let me start by saying the amount of time you save is ridiculous. Running late – not a problem. The first few time I went to work without make-up I got the inevitable ‘you look tired’. That didn’t bother me because I was expecting it but my skin didn’t really change, it still had the breakout in the same places.

The thing that did change however, was the time and effort I spent on my skincare. I was not so exhausted at the end of the day, resenting the fact that I still had to take my make-up off. I looked forward to the cathartic feel of replenishing your skin and feeling fresh, without the worry of scrubbing every inch of problem inducing make-up that I HAD to get rid of.

The mornings were great. It wasn’t just the fact that I didn’t have to get up early to apply some makeup, it was that I didn’t have to worry about my ‘absorption time’ (a phrase I coined for the time between application of skincare and application of makeup). I normally feel as if I never let my skincare have enough time to skin into my skin before I slap on another layer of product. So, I thoroughly enjoyed the feeling of knowingly giving my skin the time to breathe.

Week 2

Okay, so this is when It got complicated because my skin did improve! But all I wanted in life was some concealer. I am a firm believer that my dark circles are genetic and no amount of eye cream will improve the ever-darkening circles under my eyes (won’t stop me buying eye cream though).

The thing I started to realise was I really enjoy playing with my make-up and I use it to enhance what my skincare has already done. So, I was seeing great results and my skin looked so luminous and clear but I missed my lashes and the extra level of perfection that I can only achieve with my trusty Tom Ford foundation stick.

It was an amazing detox and I am so glad I did it, I also think everyone should try it to 1. Detox and 2. Get more confident in their own skin. The reason I ended up doing half of the original 30 days was firstly, because I asked on Instagram and you all seemed that I had done enough days to constituent and experiment. Secondly, I wasn’t too concerned about being in public without makeup and I felt I had achieved what I wanted. But I really think you should try it for at least a week and see what you think!


I put makeup on for ONE day! This is the day after. My skin was SO dry and my did skin not look radiant. I could genuinely see a difference today and it was kinda devastating because I realised the huge effects of wearing makeup and I love wearing makeup!

What I have taken from this is I am going to cut down massively in wearing makeup. I don’t think I’ll be wearing it every day, which is actually quite easy for me seen as I go to university and the requirement to look professional there is minimal.

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