Stress and skin

I think it may be time to de stress.

I’m not too sure about everyone else but it is starting to seem the gap between university and actually being an adult has become the most stressful experience of my life. It is a jump into the unknown and a jump that I have never gotten close to before. Do you know what makes it worse? When you’re stressed everyone else’s life seems to be going perfectly *rolls eyes*. This means bad news for my skin and let me tell you it is VERY visible. I don’t break out the same as most people but my skin loses colour and becomes drier than the Sahara dessert.

Stress = *body frantically releasing stress hormones*
Problem number 1, hormones that direct blood away from your skin instead sending it to your muscles and organs to help you deal with whatever it is that is stressing you out. Blood carries oxygen and nutrient lack of which is a beauty nightmare.

THE stress hormone. Stress causes cortisol to make your oil glands go into overdrive. Explaining why so many people breakout when stressed.

You can get ill
Stress lowers the defences of the immune system. And when I’m ill I neglect my skin like there is no tomorrow. New research also suggests that stress reduces the immune response to basal cell skin cancers – you probably won’t end up with skin cancer but it is defiantly worth lathering up on the SPF.

Losing sleep
I think it is fair to say that most people lose sleep when they are stressed. I know I do because I want to fix the source of it. That isn’t always possible but it just seems I cannot rest until I have fixed whatever it is that needs it. But without sleep your skin cannot repair itself. It is essential for healthy skin.

What I try to do to combat it all:

Drink water
For me this is the easiest thing to accomplish because I can control it more easily. Just take a bottle everywhere you go and you’ll feel as if you’re doing something positive for yourself.

Start winding down before you sleep
Turn the TV off, do not look at your phone (in fact put it on silent). This will help you to let go of the day and rest easier. I also find reading a book to be beneficial because it distracts you from you worries in a way that doesn’t require artificial light.

Not because it releases endorphins and that makes you feel great (it does) but because you tire yourself out and that can help you sleep.

Writing is a huge stress reliever for me but that is probably because I ‘m working with numbers all day, it is a creative output and I urge everyone to find one because it probably helps me more than anything else.

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