AHAs and BHA

So, you’ve been in the skincare community for a while now, I’m assuming you’ve heard of these. But there are so many brands coming out with them. How do you possible choose which one is the right one for you? Do you know how to use them properly? 

You probably also already know what they are but just encase you missed it – They are exfoliants in a nut shell. There acronyms stand for; alpha hydroxyl acid and beta hydroxyl acid. I don’t know about you but if I didn’t know much about chemicals that sounds like something I really don’t want all over my face. But to work as effectively they generally have to be in a pH range between 3 and 4. They work by ‘ungluing’ the dead skin cells from the surface of your skin.

AHA = work on the surface of the skin and are water soluble. Better for dry skin.

BHA = works on surface + inside the pores, oil soluble. Better for sensitive skin.

But people swear by them! Why? Because over time, as our skin gets older our self shredding properties (as I like to call them) work less efficiently. That why sometimes we need to give it a little help. The result of which is pretty alluring, addictive soft, supple, even skin.

Now that’s where the trap comes in and people I’m speaking from experience here when I say you CAN over use it, especially if you still have young skin. Even though it is a gentle exfoliator you never want to overuse them. Your objective with skincare should always be to support it, not overpower it.

Lists – I’ve complied another one because it’s my favourite thing to do. This time on my favourtie products that include AHA/BHA and some good substitute products that you can use in-between acid days.


Paula’s Choice 


Skin perfecting 2% BHA Liquid – $29 for 3.3 oz/ £25 for 118 ml



GMWMicellar water – Currently £3.33 at:



AHAAHA and BHA mask – £6.30 for 30ml




Mega bright Illuminating treatment lotion – £29 for 200 ml


Okay, I don’t wanna make a huge list because I don’t think your gonna wanna buy all of them and there are some that are quite expensive.

The paula’s choice is one that I am really interested in and I love that brand because it is really driven by science, which makes me trust it.

Deciem is great for a mask and something which I use as “I’m I desperate need to look alive” product.

The Origins toner is super soothing and reall quite calming – great to tone with for rest days.

And everyone should own micellar water for a nice clean, Garnier was the first one I ever tried. I always buy this one now.