September Favourite’s

OK so I am a bit late but I really wanted to make favourites a thing on this blog, because I have so many products that I love and want to share with everyone but I find that when I do routines on Instagram, its quite hard to differentiate between things I’m trying just because and things that I think actually work. Also that and I’m SO into cooking right now and would like to share recipes/things that I’ve eaten that I think everyone would enjoy. 


1. Queen of Hungry Mist by Omorovicza
Omorovicza is a new brand for me but is definitely something that I have always wanted to try so when I saw that the Harper’s Bazaar Beauty Box had a miniature size of their most popular product I snagged it very quickly! Omorovicza is 11 years old now and is growing rapidly with around 50 products in their very successful range. I also find it fascinating that the Omorovicza family commissioned Miklos Ybl, a hugely famous architect, to build the Raz spa in Budapest – How amazing would it be to go there? It is on the site of a medieval healing spring that was built by Ottoman Turks in the 1500s. Back to the actual mist, I love spritzing my face frantically after applying serum just to lock it in and give the serum more time to do its things. It is amazing at giving a natural glow.

2. HA Serum by Pestle and Mortar
Again, like the Omorovicza products I had seen Pestle and Mortar doing the rounds in the skincare community and honestly, I was enticed by the packaging more so than anything, although I think HA is a pretty safe bet. I love minimalism and this is such a simple, effective design. The only problem was I had never seen it in person and I am always wary of buying things online, I totally know this is an old-fashioned way to think but I like to be sure. So, when I was strolling through Liberty in London and saw this you can imagine my reaction! FYI, I adore Liberty because of this, they always carry brands that you literally can’t get anywhere else. So far so good, it does exactly what is says – hydrates me and I really can’t ask for more.

3. Self-tan drops, The face by Tan luxe
You may be able to guess that this favourite is very much so dictated by the time of year. I miss the sun and my tan, I kind of still have one but its fading. I also got this one in the Bazaar Beauty Box (2016). I have never tanned before so I feel like this product is an easy way to the transition how to if you’ve never done it before. It is specifically for the face and I think I am going to try it for tantouring – contouring but slightly more permanent. Well maybe if I’m feeling brave. The colour is slightly more orange than my natural tan colour but really all I wanted is to retain a glowing golden look and when you put it over a fading tan it really adds emphasis to that natural tan glow.

4. Golden milk, Turmeric Latte’s
So, this is kind of an old trend, I assume that’s why you read my posts – for outdated trends – but I think it is so delicious and this is THE season for turmeric lattes, like who cares about pumpkin spice when you have these? I know they’re not for everyone but they are full of healthy skin benefits – antioxidants – and so easy to make. You literally make a turmeric paste of water and turmeric powder which you can store in the fridge. When you feel like one just adds a little paste to a pan of milk and some black pepper and a sweetener and bam a turmeric latte. Might make one now actually…

5. Avocado Toast
Again, a bit late to this party, but I had decidedly put this in the ‘it’s a chore to eat’ category until I was force fed it at my friend’s house. It was delicious. She basically made it into guacamole on toast and I had a eureka moment where it seems I had totally forgotten about that magical thing – seasoning. I now eat it on the regs and add to it: Himalayan salt, black pepper, lemon juice, garlic powder, red onion and tomato. Go easy on the red onion.


6. Nainsook body oil by And Other Stories
By far my favourite thing from the and other stories beauty section, although the body scrubs are a close second. And other stories are owned by the same company that owns H and M and I can defiantly see a parallel in their beauty ranges in terms of scents and packaging. Even the prices are similar. But this product defiantly outshines anything I’ve seen in H and M. The oil has the most delicious scent, I’m not very good at describing scents but it has almond oil and cottonseed ( guessing the nainsook in the name comes from this) oil in it if that helps anyone picturing the scent. My skin is just so unbelievably soft for so long after I use it and I have terribly dry skin.

7. Midnight recovery concentrate by Kiehl’s
I have had this one for a long time and I’ve always loved it but I stopped using it for a while but for the most of September I used it almost every night just because I was so addicted to the results. I probably only stopped using it because 1. I’m lazy and you have to work it in 2. There are so many other products to try. But seriously I wake up looking so refreshed and hydrated. It is worth the investment.


8. Kale fix mask by Nip and Fab
I bought this for my sister but she’s never actually used it so when I went to her house I decided to pop it open for her (we have similar skin). It just is a good, cheap clay mask. I love products that give me a clean feel because that makes me feel like my other, hydrating products will work better afterwards. As they can get lower down the skin’s layers. If it’s cheap and it gives me that feeling I am happy.

9. Nature’s remedy balm by Pommade Divine
You know the story by now, saw it on Instagram, looked interesting, couldn’t find it anywhere, by chance strolled past in Liberty. Liberty always saving the day. Very like the Midnight recovery above – amazing results but gosh it doesn’t take half a day to work in. It’s worth it though, it really feels like it’s doing something wonderful and the natural aniseed smell really gives the impression that it’s working like an astringent (in a good way).



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