Lactic Acid Vs Hyaluronic Acid

This is not to necessarily a comparative but rather a list of the benefits that both can give to your skin. I am a big believer in acids for all skin types because both oily and dry skin is a sign of dehydration and I swear by properly cleaning your skin and then adding hydration back in. They can work complementary to each other for most people within the right concentration bracket. This isn’t too much of a worry however as most over the counter formulations are completely safe.


Lactic acid is an AHA great for anti-aging and is slightly less acidic than glycolic acid, so useful if you have sensitive skin. Because lactic acid is derived from milk, it can have slight moisturizing properties because it can increase the natural barrier lipids in the skin, which is why it is slightly more gentle when compared with glycolic acid. It is however most known for exfoliating the skin and is commonly used in chemical peels. It can also be used in conjunction with glycolic acid in products, to increase its exfoliating properties. I use lactic acid as it provides one major advantage, which is that it helps with my discoloration because it can so easily shed unwanted skin that builds to make the skin appear uneven. I also believe it is useful for all skin types as it’s gentle and not very irritating. Lactic acid is gaining popularity because of its multiple uses, its ability to slough through skin means it can reduce acne scars, even out the skin tone and mitigate the effects of aging. It works as soon as you apply it, deep in the skin’s layers to ‘unglue’ dead skin cells. The Ordinary lactic acid is the pictured product on my Instagram post.

Lactic Acid



This acid, unlike most acids, is used for hydration by attracting water molecules to the skin. As hyaluronic acid has humectant properties it helps to strengthen the skins barrier helping it to appear more plump. It works because it is a glycosaminoglycan – something that’s important for keeping the youthful appearance in skin. It does this by acting as a body guard for the skin, safe guarding and renewing the skin constantly.
I especially like Hyaluronic acid for oily skin as it does not have a greasy feel, leaving your skin hydrated, not oily. Of course, this does not mean those with dry skin should stray – I have dry skin and use it daily!
Environmental assault means that your skin’s barrier is consistently under damage, which is why hyaluronic acids poses such great an advantage due to its renewal properties. Pestle and Mortar pure hyaluronic acid is pictured in my post.



*Pictures courtesy of Sigma Aldrich and Revolvy



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