Should you buy your skin care online? – why the experience is just as important as the product.


Even I must admit it is very tempting to sit at home and repurchase/ purchase your everyday necessities online. Let’s face it, who wouldn’t want to sit in the warmth, in front of your favourite show and get your mundane tasks done. With this post, I have set out to convince you otherwise.

I was recently catching up with an old friend when she casually pulls her phone out to purchase a foundation. You may be thinking ‘well that’s nothing unusual, she was just repurchasing her usual foundation’ – Nope she was PICKING IT OUT via an online image of the product. Maybe her eyes are better than mine but I consider this beauty blasphemy, not least because your skin tone may have changed, but also because you may not know whether the formulations have changed? Or even if there are better substitutes available. This doesn’t just apply to makeup. I do have to admit that I was sucked into the luxury of online shopping, but thankfully I pulled myself out and my skin has thanked me for it.

For the past three Sundays and one Sunday remaining, there has been a festival on Regent street to promote the ever-growing business that resides along the street. I was lucky enough to catch the annual festivities this past Sunday and whilst I was perusing the ‘Kiehl’s on wheels’ concession I was met with great customer service and I realised getting out there and visiting stores should be essential for purchasing goods that can impact you forever. You see when you enter a store you’re not only paying for the product, you’re paying for the experience, you’re getting to know the brand. Customer service is the difference between online shopping and the experience you receive in a shop. That includes being able to see the range of products available, having a sale assistant who you can interrogate (as I always do) about the product. Most importantly you can TRY the product.

IMG_20170719_182754_457[1]One of my favourite images from the concession, one of the lovely Kiehl’s assistants showing me their new masks.

I see it as a requirement because your skin is constantly changing depending on your environment. There are many discrepancies that have an impact on your skin like; weather, stress, nutrition. Why would you not want to make sure your investment matches the needs of your body? For example, my diet has been terrible lately, so I’m stepping up my exfoliation game by using my new exfoliate scrub to make sure my skin is not congested from all the sugar I’ve been eating. There are of course exceptions, as with everything, and in order distinguish them you should ask yourself; ‘does this improve/maintain my skin?’. If the answer is no, then maybe you should consider switching it up. Even my none exception dry/combination skin is suddenly becoming oily.

IMG_20170719_182741_911[1]The top 10 best sellers, making it easy to see what products have worked well for other people with your skin type.

When you go to a store to buy your product you’re essentially taking the time to see if a product matches your needs. As with makeup you need to be reassured that the product compliments your skin and let’s face it, good skincare is not cheap. Don’t feel embarrassed to ask for samples it is important to try before you buy. Most brands also don’t have an issue with this and normally happily hand samples over.

Along with this, a major con of online shopping is the deceptive sites that entice shoppers with cheap prices and while this may seem like a good bargain it is difficult to ensure the quality and legitimacy of your purchase. Lastly, my favourite thing about going into stores – you don’t have to pay for shipment! Granted you may have to pay for transport, but you could also use this an excuse to get in more exercise I always walk if its less than 40 minutes away.

When it comes to skincare my advice is to tailor your products to your skin, everyone’s skin is not the same. Do this by looking for specific ingredients that work for you and try it, ask questions, get proactive about your choices.

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