November Empties!

A quick list of all the products I have used up over the past month and loved (sometimes hated) all tied up into one blog post, so enjoy!

First up we have the lovely ‘Take the Day Off Balm’ from Clinique. I have been using this product for years and am always astounded by how well it takes every inch of make up off, even water proof! Although having said that I am going to buy the Emma Hardie ‘Morniga Balm’ next for no other reason than to try something different, if you have not yet tried this please do, you won’t regret it. 8/10 for this.

Secondly we have Hydraluron serum. I only started using this a few months ago and its lasted amazingly long considering I wear it everyday. I have to admit I have seen a massive improvement in my skins texture since using this, it is soo much softer and elastic. Like with the above product however, I have decided to test a new product as my serum so wont be repurchasing any time soon, I’m sure I will eventually though! I’d give this a 7/10.

Next we have the Pretty ‘Brightening Sheet Mask’. It does as it says and hydrates well. In all honestly I’m not too picky with sheet masks as long as they’re there. I do particularly like the woven material of this one compared with others and for such a cheap price (I don’t remember exactly but it was from Bodycare so has to be cheap) its quite a good buy. 7/10.


Clarins is next with their oh so handy ‘HydraQuench Cream Mask’. An essential all for all of you out there with dry skin. I just love to slather this on at night, I honestly wake up looking refreshed. Also love this for no makeup days as a substitute for mouisterzer. 9/10.

Lastly we have N0. 7 Brush cleaner and for me this is probably the only let down this month, I was loving it up until it made my Zoeva brushes malt. It was defiantly a hard day for me when that happened. I will however still give it 4/10 because it was really handy to clean brushes before work or university and no having to let them dry!

Lots of Love. X

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