How To Get Rid of Blackheads

The best of us get them and they are the most difficult things to get rid of because they are bonded to our pores quite strongly. Below I will list my top products to help get rid of those little tunnels of distress. 

Before we get into the interesting stuff I want to briefly explain what they are so you don’t damage your skin by rigorously scrubbing away, that doesn’t work. what they essentially are is a mix of oil and dead skin that has become oxidized by the air (that is what makes them black). They are attached to your porse by wax plugs which is why they are so hard to remove, the wax is very sticky. So here are my four best methods to get rid of them:

  1. You’re gonna need either a charcoal mask (Origins – clear improvement mask – £23) or an enzymatic exfoliator mask (Mario Badescu – enzyme revitalising mask – £16.50 – What these will do is soak up all that excess oil making it easier for the other products to work on weakening the wax plugs. I’d suggest using these twice a week.
  2. Next up is a salicylic acid wash, cleanser really anything with this in. If you can find something that you can leave on then that is even better! I went with Paula’s Choice – skin perfecting BHA liquid 2% – trial size is £6.38. The salicylic acid will dissolve the blackheads away.
  3. Try a Clarisonic. They can sometimes be too harsh for the skin but using it once a week wouldn’t be a problem. Your skin renews itself every two weeks so using a clarisonic on it can give it that extra push to remove all the extra and dead skin cells.
  4. Lastly if all else fails try using a product that contains benzoyl peroxide. This stuff is much more powerful than salicylic acid so can be more irritable, which is why you should use it lightly. It will break down the wax plugs free from the pores. Try using Clinique – anti blemish cleansing foam – £18.00.

Hope this helped! x


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