Is Organic Skincare Better?

Natural and organic everything has been taking over the world for the past couple of years but what does it all mean?

The first thing I need to mention is that fact that there aren’t really any industry regulations for the terms “organic” and “natural” shocking I know!  In fact some organic ingrediants may be damaging to your skin. However don’t forget there can be good and bad products in every type of skincare, so don’t let this deter you from trying new things.

Let’s breakdown these terms:

Natural – This means the ingrediants are not derived from synthetic compounds. They are not man made.

Organic – These are ingredients that are sourced from plants and made without the use of synthetic chemicals, irridation and pesticides.

But with the lack of regulations can a product labeled organic/natural be trusted and do they actually work?

What I have seen from comsumers of natural skincare is that they want the purest form of an ingredient – they don’t want it to be touched by science or chemicals. This is not the case for most ingrediants, even if it is labeled as natural. The best way to get a product in its purest form is to make it yourself. That way you can ensure nothing is being changed.

What you must remember is that just because it is scientifically enhanced does not mean it is bad.

For example for many centuries people would bathe in milk. This is because milk is very hydrating for the skin. Through scientific research it was discovered that Lactic Acid was the active ingrediant for hydration. Now you can use just the Lactic Acid for effective treatments. Scientific enhancement isn’t something you should run away from because it is there to help you get the best out of a product.

What I really want to highlight in this article is how important it is not to discriminate against a product just because it isn’t natural or organic because more times than not the ingrediants in these “organic” products are still changed to get the best out of them. Don’t buy into marketing and look for what is actually benefical for your skin organic or not.

Hope this helped! X

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