The effects of sunlight

London, along with the rest of the UK, has rejoiced in recent days due to the hot weather that only appears 3 times a year here (maybe 5 times for the capital).

Althought we all love a good tan there are many reasons why we need to take extra precautions when the sun comes out.

Firstly however we need to acknowledge the benefits of sunlight when exposed to in the right amount. Like the uplifting effect on mood because of an increase in Serotonin. The sun of course provides the body with much needed Vitamin D and maybe most surprisingly it improves blood circulation.

All of the above is true if you are careful but there is a thin line with overexposure and just the right amount. If you do become overexposed this is what happens:

Premature aging of the skin – there is no doubt that UV radiation causes the skin to lose elasticity whilst creating sun spots along with wrinkles and rough skin.

Polymorphism light eruption – this is red bumps and large areas of red blisters that appear with only 20 minutes of strong sun.

Hyperpigmentation – when the skin is distressed by the sun, sun spots appear.

Sunburn – red and sore skin caused by strong sun and lack of protection.

Herpes simplex labialis – the sun can also cause the suppression of the immune system which makes you more susceptible to viruses.

A bit on skin cancer:

The most dangerous effect of sun exposure is ofcourse cancer. Cancer is the rapid and uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells which leads to the formation of a tumor. Cancer comes in two forms benign (cancerous) and malignant  (non cancerous).  Skin cancer comes in three types 1. Basal cell carcinoma 2. Squamous cell carcinoma 3. Melanoma. UV radiation from the sun can penetrate deep past the skins outer layer damaging and killing cells. This causes the unplanned and unorganised response from the body creating abnormal cells.

In order to prevent these things from happening you need to find good SPF and wear clothes, sunglasses etc with good UV protection.

Never forget to protect your neck, chest, hands and arms. Wear sunhats to give you shade in strong heat. Don’t forget UVA radiation is still prevelent in winter daylight so invest in moistureizer and makeup that already contains SPF to keep you protected all year long.

Hope this helped! X


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