Is your diet ruining your skin?

Everyone knows if you want to stay slim and lean you should probably stay away from a 5 pack of doughnuts, and have a salad instead, or visit the gym more than twice a year. You may also know that bad foods aren’t gonna do wonders for your skin but do you really know how much of an impact your diet really has on your skin? If you want a flawless complexion, which obviously you do, then you need to evaluate your eating habits because diet and skincare go hand in hand.

The first thing to think about when trying to improve your skin is where exactly the problem area is. This can tell you a multitude of things like did you eat something that didn’t digest well – maybe you have an intolerance to it. Maybe you overindulged the day before?  This method of linking diet and breakout location is called ‘Face Mapping’. Here are some general rules to watch out for:

Spots on the forehead – can indicate problems with your digestive system you’re having a hard time breaking down foods. Breakouts on your forehead can also mean a build up of toxins in your liver, to help with both of these try lemon water in the morning and try to include more garlic in your meals. If you do get regular breakouts on your forehead you may be under too much stress and lacking in proper sleep, 7 – 9 hours.

Between the brows – this means too much greasy food and alcohol! The obvious and simple solution is to cut down on the junk food and try to be as healthy as you can.

On your chin – spots on your chin can either be caused by bacterial transfer from your hands if you rest them there a lot. Or it may be coming up to that time of the month as changes in hormones play a major role in breakouts around that area. Just pay extra attention to your skin care regime during this time. This one may not have a lot to do with diet but it is still worth mentioning as you can help the situation by eating foods that balance your hormones like avocado, herbs and coconut among many others.

So what should you eat and what should you stay away from? 

Below are some foods and types of diets that can potentially help or hinder your way to glowing skin:

Mediterranean Diet; consisting of Olive Oil, Fish, Leafy Greens and Fruit- all these ingredients help to protect against melanoma, keeping your skin’s membrane strong and elastic. Olive oil and tomatoes contain antioxidants that help block chemical reactions that can lead to sun damage.

Grains and Vegetables – there are many antioxidants in grains and vegetables that neutralize wrinkle/ brown spot causing free radicals which reduces the signs of aging.

White bread, Pasta and Refined Sugars – cutting these out of your diet can lower stress hormones like Cortisol which is released as a direct result of high stress levels. Acne is a result of Cortisol release.

Animal fats and Saturated fats –  don’t cut out fats! Good fats that is like that found in nuts and oils. Diets low in animal fats can actually prematurely age the skin. Fat absorbs antioxidants and fat soluble vitamins which can also strength the cell and epidermis. However don’t consume too much saturated fat, that is bad for your heart and your waistline.

Meat – yes you can eat it,  it builds up collagen which can reduce the signs of aging but like with anything don’t overindulge.

Sugar – you may be able to guess sugar is bad for your skin. This is because when blood sugar levels get too high your body produces insulin to deal with the spike in levels. As insulin production increases so does skin oil production, clogging follicles causing breakouts.

Hope this helped!

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